Create Your Own Visualizations, Filtered Views, and Rollups

To create visualizations, you must first register on the site.

  • Click on “Create an Account on Data.Medicare.Gov” in the upper left corner to register for the site.
  • If you already have an account, click “Sign In to Data.Medicare.Gov”

Create a visualization

Click Visualize and then click the “Chart” subsection. Next, select a chart type. Depending on the chart type you select, you get different configuration options. Enter the configuration options in the order they appear, and then click apply. See this video for an example.

Embed a visualization

Before you can embed your visualization, you must save it. Click Embed. This opens a side bar, which provides you customizable embed code for the visualization.

Share a visualization

You can share visualizations you create through social media. Use the Facebook and Twitter icons at the upper left of the visualization. You can also embed the visualization in a blog or a web page. To embed, you need to first register and save your view.

Filter a dataset

Click Filter. This opens a side bar, which provides you:

  • The Filter section, which helps you filter columns based on specific values.
  • The “Sort & Roll Up” section, that lets you roll up amounts in columns based on common parameters.